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Meet Mary Ann Rahall! Our Dream Team Officiant!

Well, it is the first of the year with lots of wonderful things happening in the wedding world. Many couples got engaged and now the fun and maybe a little stressful planning begins. Our couples start to make a list of all the vendors they will be looking to have and bookings start to happen. It’s the start of the Bridal Show season so there will be lots of choices. Obviously, the first choice will be their venue. Then you often hear couples say they will need a photographer, flowers, music, cake and of course the bride’s dress and all the other essentials.

But wait a minute! What about one of the most important parts of the day – the person who will be conducting their ceremony and marrying them? These days, it’s more common than ever that couples choose someone other than clergy to handle their ceremony.

Many couples think they can put off hiring an Officiant to the last minute. Sadly, this is when they find out that all the “good” officiants have been booked. How often have I heard “Oh my date is a year away. I have plenty of time”. No, you don’t! Time moves fast and so do the best options for your wedding.

When I became ordained and started officiating more than five years ago, booking an Officiant anywhere from 6 months to a year in advance was the norm. Now, as more and more couples are going this direction, bookings occur anywhere from 10 months to 2 years out. To make sure you get an Officiant that can perform the ceremony you have always wanted, be as diligent as you are with the location, the photographer and the cake.

Why are you choosing this Officiant?

• Were they referred by a friend or family member you respect? By the venue? Or did you meet him or her at a bridal show?

• Does he or she take the time to really understand you and your relationship? A great Officiant wants to know how you met, what makes your relationship tick, and discover the uniqueness of you and your soon-to-be spouse

• Is the Officiant flexible to meet your needs? Experience is important and good ideas come from your Officiant, but the day is yours and your ideas matter

• Do you feel comfortable? At the end of the day, three people are standing together when you say those vows… you, your partner, and your Officiant. When you look back at those pictures and that moment, you want to feel the warmth and love from that amazing time.

• Does your Officiant stay connected with you during the lead-up to the big day? Things start happening quickly and a good Officiant keeps working to make sure everything goes perfectly. He or she should care as much as if it’s their own son or daughter.

Check out From This Day Forward, Mary Ann Rahall!

Don’t cut corners and wait to pick the voice of your ceremony. If you’re choosing an Officiant for your special day, make sure he or she is as perfect as you want your day to be.

This being my first Blog, I hope that I will get to know many couples. Along the way if you have any questions, I will be able to answer them in future Blogs. I will also start to highlight the different parts of your ceremony.

Enjoy every minute of your new journey.


Rev. Mary Rahall, CDOS
From This Day Forward
[email protected]

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