Meeting the Couples – Mary Ann Rahall’s Take

Meeting My Couples – Mary Ann Rahall’s Take.
Wedding Network Officiant

It’s truly a blessing to be passionate about my profession as a wedding officiant.

The opportunity to play such an important role on a couple’s special day is the ultimate reward.

I’m always heartbroken when I have to tell a couple that I am already booked for the day, but I firmly believe wedding day is YOUR day and every ounce of my energy is focused on your ceremony.

Every wedding officiant has their own style and your research should lead you to choose one that meets your specific needs.

For me, it’s all about YOU.

From my first conversations with the bride and groom, my focus is learning more about them and providing an early overview of what they can expect.

Some couples know exactly what they want and I simply ask questions and recommendations to meet and exceed their expectations.

Other couples need more help and seek guidance. Having been a master wedding planner and now an officiant, there are so many experiences I can share to help guide them.

What kind of ceremony have you imagined?

Is it a religious ceremony, non-religious, something in between? Will it be a celebration or a more serious occasion? Does it include family members or friends in readings?

What do you imagine your vows sounding like?

The exchange of vows and ring ceremonies are often a very personal piece of a ceremony. I always offer suggestions and examples to help you formulate the right option for you. Whether it’s your unique choice or something more traditional, it’s my passion to help you make it YOURS!

Have they seen things on Pinterest, Facebook or television that they have always hoped to incorporate in their own wedding?

These days, it’s easy to find hundreds of ideas that you may want to include to make your ceremony more personal. Remember, this is YOUR day and a good officiant will work with you to make it the memory you want.

Whether it’s unity candles, a sand ceremony, wine boxes, love boxes, or something else, the options to personalize your wedding vows are literally endless.

Are there children entering the marriage as well?

It’s certainly not unusual for my couples to want to include children to their ceremony. And why not? There are many symbolic ways to show your commitment to your new blended family while also making the day yours.

Many guests tell me how beautiful it is when the new family is united in the ceremony. It’s often their favorite part.

Sometimes, it’s my job to make suggestions on how to adjust an idea that might not work or that it might have an unintended effect on your wedding based on my experiences. That’s why I take the time to really work with my couples. That personal attention and focus on the details makes a good wedding ceremony a great one!

I wish you all the best as you continue on your wedding journey and look forward to the opportunity to hear your story.

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