Nice Things Aren’t Cheap and Cheap Things Aren’t Nice! – Victoria Ronan | Natural Looks by Victoria

“Nice things are not cheap and cheap things are not nice! ”
– Victoria Ronan, Natural Looks by Victoria

It’s been well over year since I have posted an update because my business has been growing faster than ever. Natural Looks is on track to surpass my 2016 number of 47 weddings which was my best year to date. It has been very busy but very rewarding with being a part of so many events. What I love about this business is no two brides are the same. It isn’t only in the obvious sense – the venue, the dress, colors, how they want their make up, but how they “shop” for their vendors.

The reason why I’m bragging a bit is I wanted to prove my credibility — I’ve been around the wedding block for some time and I’ve been a part of over 300 weddings thus far. I want to share one very important piece of advice… SHOP CAREFULLY. Do your research because it will save you time and money in the end. Don’t base every decision on price alone but determine what the real cost will be if you go with the cheapest bidder. Don’t hire a friend of a friend unless THEY ARE A WEDDING INDUSTRY PROFESSIONAL! I belong to several online groups in which I often read posts from brides days before their wedding asking for help because someone such as a DJ, photographer, make up artist, or florist has “cancelled on them” at the last minute. In six years of business, I had to cancel only once but I provided her with a backup and didn’t leave her stranded.

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Last October, one of my brides hired a cheaper company to supply and put up a tent. On this particular day, Southern Maryland was experiencing 40 MPH winds and the unthinkable happened. The tent was uplifted and her entire wedding was ruined. I’m positive the choice would have been fine for a typical day but she learned the real cost of not hiring an industry professional. Once again, you need to determine the potential cost for saving a few dollars with the lower price.

On another occasion, my bride hired her longtime hair dresser to do her hair. Well, guess what? This hair dresser, while probably very good at cutting & coloring hair—didn’t know the first thing about wedding updo’s. The bride didn’t have a trial with her which resulted in a difficult and stressful situation on one of the most important days of her life.

I pride myself in being a true professional in this business by being punctual and through good communication. I take great pride in being early to events to ensure we will start on time. In the past, I’ve left as much as two hours early to avoid any sort of traffic problems. I would rather sit on the other side of the Bay Bridge drinking coffee instead of worrying I’ll be late. I return phone calls, emails and text messages in a timely manner. If it takes me 24+ hours — I apologize profusely! And I pride myself on knowing my business has grown because of the word of mouth referrals I’ve received. I’m not the cheapest make up artist out there – for all the reasons I listed above. I’m a professional and in high demand. I take my business very serious.

I can go with the stories I’ve heard throughout the years but I think you understand what I’m saying. Weddings are expensive – Really I get it. If you can save money somewhere, somehow, I understand the want to find a way. However, it pays to hire a professional who is insured, will show up, and is familiar with weddings, the biz, the venue, etc. Don’t shop based on price alone. I promise you – you’ll get what you pay for on one of the biggest days of your life.


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