No Tricks, Just Treats Here at Sweet Sues!

Sometimes in our line of work we meet a couple that blossoms into a beautiful relationship! This was true for Sweet Sue’s September 2016 clients, Cathy & Jimmy! When they sat at the tasting table I, Megan Owner of Sweet Sues Bakeshop & Coffee Bar, could see their joy for each other and their future life together.

Throughout the process this couple reminded me of why my husband, Jon, and I do what we do every day. We strive to provide a personal touch to all of our clients. After all in our small bakery you meet with the owner and often times the owner delivers your wedding cake to your venue! We are by no means a “cake factory” and as a result we are able to build client relationships that prosper with future interactions. We see Cathy & Jimmy often when they are in town and come in for lunch and their favorite peanut butter cookies. It is this type of relationship we hope to build with all of our clients.

Cathy & Jimmy’s Cake!

You see… in our bakery we don’t strive to push cakes out the door and be careless about our interactions. With the small town, North Beach, Maryland bakery we strive to prove to our customers that we love what we do and we are not just selling. Baking wedding cakes, special occasion cakes, morning pastries and lunch time delights is truly our passion. We wouldn’t have it any other way!

Carrying on about Cathy & Jimmy could go on forever, because they truly encompassed the excitement of the wedding day with their fun and vibrant personalities. Sitting with them truly reminded me of why myself and Sweet Sues Bakeshop staff become overjoyed when they have the opportunity to be part of the most important day of someone’s life. We don’t take this opportunity lightly, and as a result we were able to supply to Cathy & Jimmy a beautiful cake, impeccable customer service and the ability to mindlessly refer their friends and family to us, because they knew we would take care of them without having to follow up.

In all honesty, being able to build a relationship like this is truly remarkable and a blessing for a small-town Maryland bakery. Like we said before, we are not a cake factory and often time the owner delivers your cake, but even so our team and our clients always feel like family by the end of the wedding. For this reason, we absolutely love what we do and can’t wait to be part of many more beautiful wedding days!

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