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No Tricks, Just Treats Here at Sweet Sues!

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Sometimes in our line of work we meet a couple that blossoms into a beautiful relationship! This was true for Sweet Sue’s September 2016 clients, Cathy & Jimmy! When they sat at the tasting table I, Megan Owner of Sweet Sues Bakeshop & Coffee Bar, could see their joy for each other and their future life together. Throughout the process …

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Meeting the Couples – Mary Ann Rahall’s Take

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It’s truly a blessing to be passionate about my profession as a wedding officiant. The opportunity to play such an important role on a couple’s special day is the ultimate reward. I’m always heartbroken when I have to tell a couple that I am already booked for the day, but I firmly believe wedding day is YOUR day and every …

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How To Select Your Wedding Photographer

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Selecting a photographer for one’s wedding could very well be the most important decision made for the big day. One of our clients said it best. “There are times in one’s life when capturing the essence of the moments is as important as anything on this earth. I would argue that a daughter’s wedding would be one of those moments…!” …